The performance of ORKKE

An ultra aggressive strategy for your capital, with a correlated risk ratio.

Records and real-time performance of the Orkke robot since January 2017.

The beginning of Orkke

We are passionate about the stock market and trading with very different experiences in the financial markets.

The encounters we made throughout our careers helped us to :

  • Develop an international network in finance and Algorithmics.

We understood very quickly that the management of our funds would be better managed with an expert trading robot than by our own manual management.

Initially, the creator analyzed several trading robots but more importantly, he reviewed the results over time according to market configurations.


After much research, the (robot) strategy was implemented with a precise methodology to allow developers to code the robot.

Banc d’essai

As soon as the robot was finished, we began backtesting it. These tests were essential but also not enough. We moved on to pre-testing in live mode to refine the robot’s algorithm. This took 12 months.

The Robot was fully operational in January 2017 and has achieved significant performances

MaY 2019

The trading robot is partially sold to a multimillionaire investor for the management of his personal fortune.

June 2019

The second half of the team will relaunch the robot under the name of Orkke.

Orkke is driven by algorithms and other advanced financial technologies in automatic mode.

Today, trading robots are used by banks and Hedges funds. Our mission is to democratize this automatic system to make it accessible to as many people as possible through our distributors..

Gestion simple de votre épargne
Orkke simplifies the management of your savings,
and offers an alternative to “savings accounts” and Hedge Funds.
Faire fructifier votre capital
Now you can simply and quickly make your capital
grow automatically with Orkke.

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