Orkke crypto

Orkkes Crypto

For diversification purposes, we propose the Orkke Cryptos portfolio. It differs from the Forex portfolio in that it operates in a more dynamic and varied market and is managed by a single trader.
The Crypto-currency market in figures :
Total capitalisation: $1,790,500,000,000
Trading volumes in 24 hours: from $50 to $100,000,000
Number of currencies: 10,728
Nowadays, we have gone beyond the possibility that it is just a speculative bubble or a fad.
The list of countries using and regulating them is growing, large companies are investing huge amounts, real estate purchases are feasible… the digital asset era is here. Orkke has selected a top trader to manage this portfolio. He will enable you to automate income on this market.
Orkke Cryptos intervenes in the futures market, with the aim of keeping a constant evolution of the capital, contrary to the spot market where you are subject to price fluctuations.
The objective is to smooth out the results compared to what you could get on the spot market.

After your registration and account opening process, you will have nothing to do but let your capital work. Our Orkke Cryptos Portfolio is managed by a renowned trader with many years of experience. He specializes in fund management and has over 10 years of experience in forex. A specific crypto strategy has enabled him to achieve significant results and to embrace this market for good.

Orkke Cryptos will work on the futures market. The interest is to speculate on currencies without holding them, which allows to enter and exit the market quickly, to use short selling strategies, arbitrage, correlations, etc…
The futures market is very fluid and provides a maneuverability that is impossible in the spot market. To date, average results have been 1% per day for the last 2 years with some fluctuations. Positions are sometimes held in order to exploit a market movement to the maximum, and these positions are then not counted in the results.
The objective is to maintain a rate of 0.5 to 1% per day.
Below you will find the performance of the Orkke Cryptos portfolio.
There are limited places for this portfolio and in order to respect the diversification strategy, only holders of Orkke Forex will have access to Orkke Cryptos. The minimum capital to be invested is 5000 USDT (Theter) and the maximum 50.000 USDT
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