About Us ?

Orkke is a high yield trading platform which allows institutions, traders and individuals to diversify their investments on a portfolio managed by a corporation of traders. These are meticulously and dynamically selected by our staff made up of economists, traders and financiers.
We started from the observation that in general, the majority of traders setting ambitious goals fails to achieve them consistently over the long term and a fatal error happens sooner or later. The rhythm, the pressure but also psychological aspects are the essential factors in addition to the uncertainty of the market.

This reality was followed by the arrival of trading algorithms which are supposed to eliminate cognitive failures in favor of a perfect execution of the strategy. But here too, the market being more and more unpredictable because of crises and events, robots are less resistant over time.

This is the reality of the market. It would therefore be unwise to have a portfolio managed by a single trader or algorithm, unfortunately we see this quite often, at the expense of investors.


Despite the existing risks, the demand for investment management on these products is growing very strongly due to their immediate and sometimes very significant profitability.

Our mission is to reduce the risks inherent in trading with an ultra-dynamic system that orchestrates several styles, different technologies, but still relies on rising stars (selected traders) which are constantly renewed to obtain results above the average.

Orkke therefore acts as team coach by selecting the best orkkes (traders) who will compete between the whales and the sharks of finance. Orkke does not influence their trading in any way but imposes a global money management on them to limit losses.
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