The best traders and trading bots together to manage your portfolio.

Orkke offers you a unique and passive investment opportunity.

The ORKKE team welcomes you and reminds you that all high performance financial products and trading robots involve high risks.
Our best monthly result was
The ORKKE concept

Selection of the best traders

Our headhunters constantly monitor and scan as many traders and robots as possible to make a pre-selection of today’s and tomorrow’s rising stars. Orkke then selects the top account managers of the moment who are carefully chosen according to their track record and performance around the four corners of the world. They are qualified as Orkkes (traders) as soon as the criteria are met.
Selection of the best traders
Meilleur trader
Dynamic portfolio
Portefeuille Dynamique

Dynamic portfolio

Orkke will then juggle with different traders to offer the most attractive portfolio possible according to the talents available. The composition is as follows: 12 traders in the team, 9 are active and 3 are ready to replace the failing Orkkes. Like a coach, Orkke allows himself to replace traders with new challengers even if their performance is not negative.

Risk reduction

Each trader manages between 5 and 20% of the portfolio, depending on the trust we place in him and his current performance. If the drawdown of one of the Orkke traders exceeds the critical threshold of 50%, he will be stopped immediately, resulting in a loss of between 2.5% and 10% max of your capital. In the worst case, if all 9 traders fall at the same time, you will only lose 50% of your capital.
Risk reduction
Risque réduit
Access the trading room 24 hours a day (live)!
Suivez les performances des Orkkes en direct !

Orkke: Benefits and operation

Management performance fee
Our remuneration is based solely on the gains you have made with the Orkke portfolio and corresponds to 25% of your monthly capital gains on the basis of the high-water mark model. For example, if you deposit €10,000 on 1 January and your balance on 31 January is €13,000, you pay €750. If your balance decreases, there are no performance fees to pay.
Minimum initial investment
A minimum initial investment of €500 is required for buy and sell orders to be executed. However, the average ticket is €10,000 for each investor. You can make regular deposits to smooth out your investment, even in crypto currencies. Please see our risk warnings before you start.
A community of passionates
We also look at, follow and analyze all other alternative investments systems because the objective in investing is to diversify one’s capital as much as possible. We can keep you informed of new opportunities.
We especially appreciate it when investors inform us about new investment plans.
Secured funds with a partner broker
Your money is deposited with a regulated brokeron your personal account. You will be given an account number (AN) so that you can see the evolution of your capital. You have unrestricted access to your account and can easily add and withdrawfunds at the best time.
Secured funds with a partner broker


J’étais un peu méfiant au début, mais la performance annoncée sur le site de 8,98% correspond bien à celle que j’ai eue sur mon compte. Merci pour votre transparence

Le concept du site est innovant. Mélanger des traders et des algos, il fallait le faire. Le portefeuille Forex fonctionne bien, j’ai hâte de démarrer le portefeuille crypto avec vous!


J’ai ouvert mon compte il y a un mois. Néophyte dans le trading, ils s’occupent vraiment de tout! Tout se passe bien jusque là. Pourvu que ça dure…


A l’heure actuelle, il est rare de trouver une plateforme sérieuse. Le fait d’avoir mis en ligne la salle de trading avec les perfs des traders en direct m’a vraiment rassuré. Très satisfait!


Votre service est top. Surtout que vous travaillez avec un broker très solide! Très bon choix


J’investis depuis quelques années dans le marché du Forex, j’ai testé plusieurs stratégies, mais la vôtre a attiré toute mon attention. Enfin un investissement peu risqué et équilibré.

Join our Investors

Our three types of investors
They admire the performance of our system and delegate larger and larger portfolios to us. Many of them are considering quitting forex trading, which is very demanding.
Informed investors
Always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow their savings significantly, our limited risk trading platform intrigues them and their financial capabilities make it easy for them to test and adopt Orkke.
Wise people looking for additional income
Some are looking for automatic monthly additional income while others are more ambitious and use the compound interest strategy to maximize their capital over several quarters or years.