Advantages and Operation

High performance

Thanks to a powerful algorithm, our robot offers outstanding performance that you can see in a precise results log. It is difficult to find a better performance with such flexibility in use.

Capital security and availability

Your money is placed with a broker in a personal account and therefore not held by us. An account number will be assigned to you so that you can check the evolution of your capital. You have unrestricted access to it and you can easily add funds and withdraw them at the best possible time.

Performance commission

This is the only compensation you will owe us. The amount is based only on the earnings you have made through our system and is equal to 22% of your monthly capital gains. For example, if you deposit €10,000 on January 1st and your balance on January 31st is €13,000, you will owe us €660.

Easy and fast registration

a few minutes will be enough to create your account and benefit from our performances. The registration details will be sent to you by email from the distributor in your area .(by clicking here).

Gains et risques corrélés

Correlated gains and risks

Our robot’s strategies are first applied to our own funds and automatically reflected in your portfolios. You will achieve the same performance as us in both gains and losses.

Minimum investment​

A minimum initial investment of 2000€ is required in order for the robot to execute purchase and sale orders optimally. However, the average ticket is 4000€ per investor.

​3 portfolios to choose from

We offer you 3 types of performance, with gains/risks ratios over 3 different degrees depending on your objective. You can even allocate your capital to different portfolios. Depending on the amount of your capital and the risk accepted, the allocation strategy will have to be defined. For further information, please contact a distributorby clicking here

International network

VYou will find broker accounts in €, $, £ with support in English, Spanish and French at our various distributors. We distribute Orkke in Europe, Asia, Africa, America, Oceania. (To become a distributor, click here) ​

Banking card

You will have a MasterCard (EUR or USD) that can be used internationally, and is directly linked to a second “safe deposit box” account with our partner broker. All you have to do is to fund it yourself from the active account to the “safe deposit box” account.


Why to choose ORKKE?

  • Only positive results since its launch (more than 30 months)
  • Monthly performance up to 70%
  • Ultra fast and easy start-up procedure and registration
  • No registration fee, just a commission on earnings
Why ORKKE trade on the forex market?

The Forex market has a trading volume of $ 5 trillion a day, so it is extremely liquid and there is always a counterpart to buy or sell in a second.

Less violent and more predictable fluctuations than the market of indices, shares and commodities. The robot has been specifically designed for Forex and its market characteristics.

The robot analyzes 28 currency pairs, 24 hrs/5 days a week in order to detect only the best market opportunities according to the money management.

Trading robot Versus manual trading

Nowadays, trading robots execute 80% of the orders on financial markets. Banks and Hedge Funds have already eliminated most of their traders in favor of trading algorithms.

The robot scans and analyzes thousands of parameters permanently, It is unbeatable in technical analysis and speed but remains fallible in fundamental analysis.

The execution of a method by an algorithm removes the psychological bias of the moment that entice into taking hazardous and risky trades.

Our three types of investors



They admire the performance of our robot and delegate us a growing number of portfolios. Many of them are considering stopping manual trading which is very restrictive.


Sophisticated investors

Always on the lookout for new opportunities to grow their savings significantly, our robot intrigues them and their financial capabilities allow them to easily test and adopt Orkke.


Aspirants of additional income

Some people are looking for additional monthly income while others are more ambitious and use the strategy of compound interests to maximize their capital over several quarters.

Become an investor

Our values in 4 points


We do not have access to your deposited capital at the broker, it is secure, you are the only one to make deposits and withdrawals whenever you like.


We never disclose to third parties the names of our investors or any other information without their prior consent. The management of your funds is strictly personal and we respect the total secrecy of the amounts invested.


Once the positions are closed, they are automatically listed in your trading history, so you can have a complete overview of orders.


Our distributors will have the pleasure of answering all your questions about our trading robot, they are at your disposal by phone, e-mail, skype.